Data Policy of ASO-S Mission

1. The scientific data of ASO-S mission are completely open to the community except the data obtained during the mission commissioning phase and some of the engineering data. All users have the same right to use the scientific data of ASO-S mission as the team members .

2. In order to have the best knowledge of the instrumentation and meaning of the data, users when writing papers are encouraged to collaborate with team members (one is enough), who might be the payload scientist, payload data scientist, or any of team members listed on the homepage of ASO-S mission, especially for the first two years of the mission.

3. All the scientific data, calibration and processing software, usage documentation, and update information are provided via the ASO-S homepage at Browse and quick-look products are not intended for science analysis and publications.

4. Users are suggested to acknowledge the sources of data used in all publications as "ASO-S mission is supported by the Strategic Priority Research Program on Space Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Grant No. XDA15320000". The use of ASO-S images, animations and videos for non-commercial purposes and public outreach efforts is strongly encouraged. It is requested, however, that any such use should mention explicitly the source from the ASO-S mission.

5. Any software contributions to the data processing and analyzing by the users are welcome. The payload data scientists are the corresponding persons to contact.

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